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    Safety Equipment
  • Boxing Gloves

    Blue and white 12 oz Leather boxing gloves.

  • Hand Wraps Black

    Mexican style 180 inches in length.

  • Head Gear

    Head Gear for boxing.

  • Head gear 2.0

    Head gear (with top of head protective padding)

  • Shin Guards

    Thick with great protection. Two velcro straps for secure connection.


    A rear view of our REVOLUTIONARY shin instep pad. This shin pad is fastened by laces instead of velcro. It comes with heel protection, a first for a set of shin pads. It will NOT MOVE once fastened. It's great for all styles and ideal for MMA fighters. You can go from standup to grappling and know that your shin pads will still be in place. We are accepting pre orders on this new piece of equipment. Expected availability is six weeks.